Hanson Robotics Introduces Little Sophia, an AI Coding and Learning Companion


Hanson Robotics, the AI company behind Sophia the Robot and the more recent Han, recently introduced Little Sophia on Kickstarter.

Already surpassing a $75,000 pledge goal with 55 days still to go, Little Sophia is sure to be a huge hit. Described as the little sister of Sophia and targeted for kids 7-13 years old, Little Sophia can walk, talk, sing, play games and tell jokes with a wide range of expressions.

Hanson Robotics primary goal with Little Sophia is to introduce STEM coding to new generations and to help close the widening gap of female coders.

Little Sophia is Wi-Fi enabled, features facial recognition tracking and is programmable with blocky and python using the companion app. The “Sophiabot” app is required to operate Little Sophia and will be available on Apple and Google Play Stores.

You can pre-order Little Sophia by backing this project on Kickstarter by pledging $99 or more. Estimated delivery is currently set for December 2019 and ships to anywhere in the world.