Samsung Just Announced a Major Breakthrough in 8K

Samsung Q900FN QLED 8K TV

The future of 8K seems promising and Samsung just took it to a whole new level.

Samsung Electronics Co. recently announced an 8K display driver IC (DDI) that allows for more true-to-life 8K resolution and sleek TV designs with intra-panel data transfer speeds up to 4Gbps. This data transfer boost enhances the overall display system performance efficiency while reducing the need for additional components. Thus, allowing for more streamlined designs for 8K TVs 65-inches and above.

8K DDI (S6CT93P) | Image by: Samsung

8K resolution has four times the number of pixels than 4K UHD and the ability to increase the amount of image data to be transferred offers more freedom in term of design. Samsung’s new DDI (S6CT93P) doubles the previous USI-T 1.0’s intra-panel 2Gbps speed and enhances overall display performance.

“To deliver true 8K resolution, it is essential for today’s DDIs to support a high-speed 4Gbps intra-panel interface,”

Ben K. Hur, Senior VP of System LSI Marketing at Samsung Electronics

The world’s first 8K TV was unveiled by Sharp at CES 2012 and Samsung showcased their first 8K Television, the 85-inch Q900 QLED, at IFA 2018. Japan launched the first 8K public satellite TV broadcasts on December 1, 2018.