Lumishell, Prefab Living Space for Harsh Environments


Wrapped in an aluminum shell with curved glass the Lumishell is a prefabricated home designed with potentially harsh conditions in mind.

The Lumishell is 1090 cm wide and 280 cm in height. Layout includes a living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. The cocoon shaped housing can capture solar energy via its curved aluminum glazed surface and can also be fitted with solar panels, a dry toilet and rainwater recovery system. What’s unique about the Lumishell is that it doesn’t require a foundation since the structure is self-supporting. Only a flat surface capable of handling the weight is required.

lumishell-tiny-house-salar-uyuni-axo plan

Lumishell is a project collaboration between luminene, a company that develops curved reversible sliding windows and French architect Christophe Benichou. You can pre-order the Lumishell now through their site. Deliveries are scheduled to start shipping this year with assembly on-site estimated within 4 to 5 days (excluding possible connections).

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* images by thibaut miossec / christophe benichou / lumicene