Motiv Ring is the First Activity Tracker You’ll Actually Want to Wear 24/7


There’s a lot of options and variety these days in the activity tracker arena. But the problem with most activity trackers is they’re either too bulky or uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time. Another issue, especially with smartwatches, can be battery life. Apple rates the Series 3 cellular and non-cellular versions of the Apple Watch at 18-hours , which can be a stretch depending on usage. But one company is looking to solve those problems with a discreet activity tracker called the Motiv Ring.

The Motiv Ring is an activity tracker for your finger that comes in 7 different ring sizes and two color options. It’s 1/10th the size of its competitors, waterproof, rated for a typical battery life of 3 days and includes an optical heart rate sensor. The Motiv Ring has a titanium outer housing and uses Bluetooth to wirelessly sync to your iOS device. The ring also features a Smart LED Sensor along with a 3-axis accelerometer.

Since you don’t have to charge the Motiv Ring every night it’s great for sleep tracking. You don’t have to open an app or push a button, the ring simply detects when you go to sleep and when you wake up. The Motiv Ring will also calculate Resting Heart Rate while you sleep. It ships with a magnetic USB charger for your desk and a keychain charger for on the go. So when you do need to charge the device it has a Lithium Ion battery that should fully charge in just 2 hours

“Science tells us that steps alone won’t get us there”

Unlike most activity trackers, the Motiv Ring doesn’t count steps. Instead, it measures daily activity by active minutes. Patrick Maher, Director of Exercise Physiology at Motiv, describes an active minute as, “Any minute of the day that you’re walking at a brisk pace that leads to 100 steps for minutes, or you have your heart rate up to an exercise-level intensity. Science tells us that steps alone won’t get us there. We focus on active minutes because they’re a better indicator of how much of your day you’re challenging your body to be better”.

Upon ordering the Motiv Ring from their site the company sends you a sizing kit that contains seven incrementally sized plastic rings molded in the same shape as the Motiv. It’s recommended that you try the different sizes and find one that fits snug enough where it comes in contact with your finger all the way around, but isn’t so tight that it’s uncomfortable to wear for extended periods of time. You should then wear the chosen sizing ring for at least 24 hours to ensure it’s a good fit before confirming the size for your order.

The Motiv Ring is available now for iOS devices in both Slate Gray and Rose Gold for $199.00 USD. We’ll be providing a full review of the Motiv Ring for our readers soon, so stay tuned!