Apple Clarifies HomePod Speaker and iTunes Match Compatibility


With pre-orders for Apple’s new HomePod speaker currently underway, there’s one question that potential buyers have been uncertain on.

We learned last week that HomePod’s Siri can play songs on command purchased through iTunes Music as well as Beats 1 radio and podcasts, but that left many questioning iTunes Match compatibility. Thankfully though, Apple offered some additional clarification on Sunday that both iTunes Match and Apple Music subscribers will be able to use HomePod’s Siri to access iCloud Music Library tracks. They still have yet to confirm how HomePod works with Family Sharing subscriptions to Apple Music, but we already know that Siri will not control any content streamed over AirPlay.

Advertised as a smart-speaker that can stream Apple Music, users can also use HomePod’s Siri to send messages, set timers, check the news and control Home-Kit enabled devices. It features 802.11ac WiFi- with MIMO, Bluetooth 5.0, a touch surface for volume up/down as well as Siri activation, a high-excursion woofer with custom amplifier, an array of seven horn-loaded tweeters, an internal low-frequency calibration microphone for auto-bass correction and studio-level dynamic processing.

The HomePod is available for Pre-Order now in both Space Gray and White with a February 9 release date.